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The Tank (in-game name KK-Tankki) is an enemy that appears to be a minigun on tank tracks. It moves slowly and is unable to jump, but it boasts a lot of firepower. If it sees the player, it will slowly rotate its barrel to face them and begin firing. It shoots bullets at a high rate of fire with low accuracy. Like all bullets in the game, they will interrupt levitation for a moment if the player it hit. If the player is cornered against a wall, they may end up being stuck there until they die or the Tankki is destroyed at the cost of a considerable amount of health.

Like most ranged enemies, it will not fire without a line of sight. It will not chase the player and is too slow to do so. It has a blue light on it that reveals its location, even in undiscovered areas. The turret has a slow enough traversal speed that the player may be able to fly over it and destroy it before it can get off a shot. Its death explosion is quite large and will ignite flammable material, which is often the large amounts of oil it bleeds. This can make gold collection difficult. Killing it with a rapid, low damage wand appears to produce more oil over time.

It is resistant to many forms of damage, especially slice damage, taking no more than 1-3 damage per hit for most spells. Explosions and electricity are effective, though both are often costly to use or hard to acquire.

Like other Hiisi units, Rottas and Jäätiö will aggro it. This may provide an opening to attack or go around it.


The KK-Tankki seems to be the most common tank, with several of them in the same room occasionally in the Hiisi Base. In the Snowy Depths a structure may generate with a wooden background and steel and wood walls. This may generate with 3-4 KK-Tankkis inside it. The next common tank is the IT-Tankki, and the rarest is the Laser-Tankki.