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A larger, stronger and faster variant of Mato that can rarely spawn naturally or through the use of Matosade.

They destroy all solids while traveling, leaving tunnels that the player can move through. There is a risk that they will damage the Holy Mountain enough to anger the gods. The Worm Crystal reduces the chance of this happening by deterring the worm, but this may still happen on occasion.

Giant Worms have a chance to spawn from the wiggling egg found in the Giant Tree nest.

It is advised to kill them for their extra max health pickup, as well as their blood since it's a valuable consumable for increasing your viewing radius.

Combat Tips[]

  • Freezing spells or spell modifiers allow you to kick it and kill it instantly. Although it doesn't stay frozen for long so find the right chance.
    • If it dies like that, you won't get Worm Blood.
  • As the enemy has multiple segments you can shred through it quickly using piercing shot.
  • Melee Immunity will render this enemy harmless, other than the damage to terrain it will cause trying to damage you.
  • You can kill it very easily by staying far away and using a long distance spell, even something as weak as spark bolt.
  • The worm can't move where there's no terrain to move through, so going to areas with sparse terrain can help avoid it.
    • However, it can build up a lot of speed and fly a surprising distance up into the air when lunging for you, so stay on your toes.
  • Its head is the only part of it that can deal damage, allowing the player to use spells like chainsaw for a high risk/reward payoff.
  • Try to fight near a fire or create one if possible, the larger the better. The worm is not immune to burn damage and will catch fire if it tunnels through burning material. If the fire is large enough it may reignite several times.


In the next update/the beta branch, you might not be able to one shot it by freezing and kicking it and any of these spawned with matosade will no longer be dropping max health upgrades.