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The Giant Laser-Drone (in-game name Jättilaser-lennokki) is a common robotic enemy found patrolling the Hiisi Base and The Vault.

Unlike other constructs created by the Hiisi, the Jättilaser-lennokki has considerably less defense, making it an easily dispatch-able encounter. However, it's high rate of fire and damage dealt, combined with this enemy's inherent knowledge of the Concentrated Light spell's reflective properties, makes it so this enemy still poses quite the threat. Killing the Jättilaser-lennokki by way of close quarters is not advised, as it bleeds oil whenever any sort of damage is dealt to it, much like other mechanical enemies. Its attack has two different parts: first a static projectile is created, secondly the static projectile is destroyed sending intense concentrated light in the direction the previous projectile was destined to.

Combat tips[]

  • Jättilaser-lennokki's attacks are well telegraphed, giving some time to react if there is space to dodge.
  • Due to its low defences, fast sustained fire can be enough to kill it, unlike most other robotic enemies.
  • On its own it isn't very dangerous, though if other enemies stun you then it can quickly deal substantial damage. Try dispatching other enemies first if Jättilaser-lennokki is your target.