Invisiblium is a blue magical liquid that causes creatures stained with it to receive the invisibility buff, taking on a translucent appearance. When the player is invisible, most enemies cannot detect you. The effect is temporarily disrupted when using wands, kicking or while stained with any other liquid. Invisiblium can also be dissolved in water. You can still throw items without breaking the invisibility, though.


  • As the effect is not broken by throwing items, a rock or Emerald Tablet makes a sneaky & powerful weapon that can kill or seriously injure even powerful enemies, like Stevari or Kummitus.
  • It's also useful as a way to save your life if health levels are low. Just go invisible and sneak your way to the portal to the Holy Mountain and the heal pickup therein.
  • Spells affected by a boomerang modifier will not arc towards the player while invisible.
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