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This spell creates a stationary projectile that, after a short delay, will release 5 laser beams that act similar to Concentrated Light.


  • When cast near solid objects, the spell may sometimes cause a gunpowder-like explosion at the firing location after a few seconds, which may set the player on fire, making it somewhat unsafe to use. Electric Charge will reveal the explosion location in advance as a small, sparking circle.
  • It is recommended to cast this a few steps back from the enemy as to not shoot through them.
  • Given that this spell is made up of multiple smaller projectiles, it benefits greatly from modifiers that increase damage.
  • Projectile speed modifiers seem to have no effect, making the Heavy Shot modifier particularly effective.
  • Drilling Shot has no effect, as the beams simple fizzle on contact with terrain.


  • If multiple Intense Concentrated Lights are stacked on each other or just cast with Reduce Lifetime they will make the modifier last a lot longer than supposed to. This can be used to deal massive damage with simple combos.
Wand 0376 h.png
Spark Bolt With Trigger
Double Spell
Damage Field
Reduce Lifetime
Intense Concentrated Light
Intense Concentrated Light

Spark Bolt With Trigger and Reduce lifetime aren't necessary but makes it look better.

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