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Lifetime Modifier Spells
Increase Lifetime
Reduce Lifetime
Spell modifiers that adjust the lifetime of the affected projectiles.

A spell modifier that causes the affected projectile to exist longer before timing out and dissipating. If appropriate, the projectile will still be removed when colliding with terrain or enemies regardless of any extension on its lifetime.


  • This modifier is best used for spells that do not travel very far before dissipating. This includes melee ranged spells like Chainsaw or Luminous Drill, which actually turns them into ranged projectiles.
  • It has a hefty mana drain, so not suitable for rapid fire wands unless you're also using an Increase Mana modifier.
  • When used with Plasma Cutter, this will cause a luminous like spell to drop from cast point and explode when it hits the ground. if you're standing on said ground this is likely to set you on fire. Be aware.
  • Is a core ingredient in infinite lifetime spells