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The Rocket Tank (in-game name IT-Tankki) is one of the 3 different mobile turrets used by the Hiisi, this one firing homing rockets.

Behaviour & Combat[]

The Rocket Tank behaves in the same manner as its other two variants, the Tank and Laser Tank, meaning it has a rotating gun turret that slowly adjusts itself to target you once you are in sight. It is also equipped with a small amber colored signal light that reveals its presence through the unexplored darkness. Upon getting a fix on your position, this tank will additionally signal it is about to fire with a blue targeting laser. The launcher has a cooldown of about 3 seconds, so you have a bit of time between shots to reposition yourself.

The homing effect of the missile is fairly strong, but not infallible. With some quick maneuvering you can cause the missile to impact the terrain near you instead, evading the attack. If it does hit you however you will suffer large amounts of damage and high knockback, sending you flying into the nearest wall and making you vulnerable to follow up attacks.

Do not fight this enemy in corridors or open caverns. Being without cover to dodge behind means that the rockets will almost certainly hit you.

Like the other tanks the Rocket Tank will not attack its Hiisi masters, but may attack other creatures such as Ice Skulls and Rats. Also just like other robots it's resistant to slicing, normal and fire damage, but susceptible to explosives and electricity. All variants of the Firebolt spell work well against them due to their high damage and arcing projectile path, making it easier to attack from behind cover.