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The Creep (in-game name Hyypiö) is a red ghostly apparition mainly found in the Temple of the Art. It has no offensive ability, but emits a large Projectile Gravity Field from its center wherever it goes. Like its brethren, the Hohtava hyypiö and Ukkoshyypiö, it will relentlessly chase the player until blocked off or killed.

Behaviour & Combat[]

The weakest variant of the creep family, Hyypiö is a tanky enemy to fight but does not usually present much of a problem on its own. The gravity field emitted from its body mostly serves to attract more damage onto itself, making even very low accuracy attacks against it effective. They tend to draw projectiles away from more important/dangerous targets, however.

Bear in mind that if they actually reach your position then all projectiles, enemy and otherwise, will be homing in on you. Keeping your distance from it is recommended.