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The Hound or Crawler (in-game name Hurtta) is a doglike creature often found in the mines and below. Its presence can be a nuisance, but can be deadly when the player is low on health. Their eyes shine in the dark, revealing their presence even in unexplored territory.

The Weak Hound (in-game name Heikkohurtta) is a weaker version of the Hound found in the Mines with less damage output, health and slower reactions, but otherwise identical in its behaviour.


Hounds are generally found alone, and do not travel in packs. They will often wander around aimlessly, looking for potential prey. They can leap up a good distance to get to higher platforms.

They attack by leaping towards their prey, dealing damage on contact. This deals a fair amount of knockback to the player.

Occasionally, they can be found eating the corpse of any dead creature.

Combat Tips[]

  • A fairly basic enemy. Keep your distance and keep above them, and their mediocre health pool should diminish quickly.
  • Don't get too comfortable, as their attack has a fairly short cooldown, and they may bump the player towards less favorable enemies.
    • The lunge of their attack will often land them very close to the player, increasing the chance for quick follow up attacks if not dealt with.
  • The low health and slower movement of the weaker variant make them susceptible to environmental hazards, like Fire and being crushed by flying objects. Killing enemies in this way rewards double the gold rewards, so you are encouraged to experiment with kicking lanterns and minecarts at them.
  • They cannot jump very high vertically, only horizontally. Hovering above them and using a projectile wand or thrown object can easily defeat them.


The name Heikkohurtta is made up of two Finnish words, heikko and hurtta. Heikko is finnish for weak and hurtta is finnish for hound. The names thus mean 'weak hound', and 'hound' respectively.