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Homing Spells
Accelerative Homing
Projectile Area Teleport
Rotate Towards Foes
Short-range Homing
Aiming Arc
Spell modifiers that redirect projectiles to seek out targets.

Homing is a modifier that will impart some constant force on projectiles to make them home in on enemies. Because of this the effect is more noticeable on slower or static projectiles.

Also available as a perk, which has a weaker effect than the spell version.


  • Almost every offensive spell in the game can benefit from this modifier in one way or another. You'll need to deal with its rather heavy mana drain, however.
  • In addition be very cautious of using this with Summon Disc Projectile. Standing between two enemies and killing one with a homing disc WILL result in the projectiles then flying through you to reach their next target.
  • Try combining with Mist spells (Slime Mist, Toxic Mist, Mist of Spirits) affected by a modifier which increases damage (Damage Plus, Heavy Shot).
  • If you are polymorphed into a creature, via Polymorphine or Chaotic Polymorphine, your own shots can home in on you, because the game counts you as a creature rather than a player.