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Teleport Spells
Homebringer Teleport Bolt
Teleport Bolt
Small Teleport Bolt
Projectiles spells that involve relocation, affecting either the caster, a target, or both.

A spell that teleports many types of things onto the point that it was cast from. It can affect a large variety of enemies, wands, pickups, orbs, and environmental objects.


  • Try casting it with Long-Distance Cast to provide some avoidance or precision.
  • Try pre-freezing your enemies, and tap toes in a dance!
  • You might want to transport objects for long distances, or to specific places.
  • Some good enemies to teleport are Hiisi Healer and Master of Wounding.
  • It's somewhat good as a digging tool.

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Long distance travel wands[]

See Expert Guide: Long Distance Travel