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The Glowing Creep (in-game name Hohtava hyypiö) is a ghostly white creature that appears in the Cloudscape, Temple of the Art, and rarely the Magical Temple. It has a retaliation attack but is otherwise not aggressive.

Behaviour & Combat[]

As the Hohtava hyypiö are non-aggressive, they will not attack the player on their own. However, they will follow the player to the ends of the earth if allowed to and get in the way of spells with their long hitboxes, which is where their true nature is revealed. Upon being hit with direct wand attacks they will retaliate with Pinpoint of Light, dealing ~20 damage at 1 beam per damage tick received. They also have a large amount of health.

Using rapid fire, low damage per hit wands against them in the open is not recommended as the retaliation attacks will chew through even large health pools in mere seconds. Against rapid strikes like this, any shields will offer very little protection. For this reason single-projectile, hard-hitting spells are recommended in order to reduce the number of retaliation beams fired.

The beams, while fast, can be dodged by moving up or down as they don't have predictive aim. Fighting them in open areas with no cover is generally a bad idea. It is instead recommended to fight them around corners as their beams need a direct line of sight to hit. Since they only retaliate, a player can lead them to more favorable areas before engaging.

They will not retaliate against collision damage from falling or thrown objects, even those launched with Telekinetic Kick, and Personal Gravity Field will turn their retaliation attacks back onto themselves.

How to kill it[]

Throwing objects at it can kill it, although it does trigger retaliation. Another method to kill it is kicking it while it is frozen.


Despite their spectral appearance, they can be suffocated by burying them in sand.