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The Hiisi (pl. Hiidet) are a diverse type of hostile humanoid Enemies which use various technology such as firearms, jetpacks, explosives, robots, etc. They are commonly found in the Mines, Collapsed Mines, Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base, among other locations throughout the game.


All Hiisi have projectile attacks, though the types of projectiles they can use vary quite a bit. See the individual enemy pages for detailed information on handling each type of Hiisi. All humanoid Hiisi are capable of using wands found in the world. Wands can be kicked out of their hands, and they will quickly drop a wand that has spent all its spell charges.

Hiisi are weak to Toxic Sludge, and will take damage fairly quickly from it. Unlike other enemies, Hiisi can die due to toxic sludge damage.


  • In Finnish, the word Hiisi describes a type of troll, giant, or (more commonly in modern Finnish) goblin, that protects sacred mountains or hills, much as the Hiisi of Noita seek to prevent the player from descending into the depths of the Holy Mountain.