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The Rock Giant (in-game name Hiidenkivi) is a slow, ground-dwelling creature which periodically tosses rock spirits (as per the Summon Rock Spirit spell).


The Rock Spirits it spawns home in on targets and explode, dealing significant damage and bleed Freezing Liquid.

Combat Tips[]

  • It has a large health pool, but drops quite a lot of gold compared to other enemies in its biome.
  • A fast firing wand may help with shooting down the (easily destroyed) Lohkare it shoots.
  • Since the Lohkare it summons bleed freezing vapour on death (which rises), it is typically better not to engage the hiidenkivi from above.
  • It takes damage from the freezing liquid that it bleeds, often resulting in unintentional trick kills. As of the 3 Apr 2021 update, perhaps earlier, Hiidenkivi seems to be immune to freezing vapor.
  • Since it heals for 100% of the ice damage it takes, spells like Freezing Gaze and Freeze Charge can make killing it much more difficult.