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A projectile spell that, uniquely, does not deal damage to its targets, but instead, adds 8-9 health per hit to them (16-18 when berserked). It has 20 charges, and is not affected by the Unlimited Spells perk. Like any limited use spell, however, it can be cast with Alpha, Gamma, or Omega without regard for that limit.


  • Boomerang (the spell): Projectiles will return to the player and heal them.
  • Trigger/Timer: When triggered by another spell the player can be hit by the projectile and heal themselves. Can be somewhat unreliable depending on the angle however.
  • Teleport Spell: Teleporting in front of the projectile after it is cast can cause the projectile to hit the player and heal them.
  • Necromancy: Allied corpses created through necromancy can hold and use wands. If the spell would cast Heal Projectile the corpse will aim at the player and attempt to heal them. (Note: Drop wands by opening your wand inventory and dragging the wand out of the hotbar in the upper left corner of the screen.)
  • Berserkium will double the healing caused by the spell.
  • A unique way of getting yourself healed by this projectile is to trick an enemy into casting it. Drop a wand filled with only this spell to the ground (click and drag for mouse users) and a humanoid enemy may pick it up and attempt to 'attack' you with it, resulting in you being healed. Beware - enemies will still occasionally use their standard wandless attack even when they are wielding a wand, so be attentive, and ready to move smartly.
  • Fly Down and Fly Up can both be used to heal yourself easily, given enough vertical distance.
  • A pool of water could also be used to slow down the projectile enough so that when aimed upward, one could simply swim and receive the heal projectile.
  • Piercing Shot: can allow the bolt to affect you multiple times.
  • Floating Arc: Allows you to shoot downwards towards the ground and have the bolt float above it, letting you land onto the projectile.
  • Larpa modifiers can create copies of this spell that fly towards your direction and heal you, though it may be unreliable depending on the type of Larpa modifier. Downwards Larpa synergies especially well if fired directly upwards, which creates a rain of healing bolts (best in an area with a large open space above head.)
  • Bounce spell or perk will indeed bounce a healing bolt off a wall back at you.
  • Orbiting Arc circles near cast, short jump to get to the healing bolt.
  • Formation - Behind Your Back and Formation - Hexagon with timer or Long-Distance Cast.


  • Projectile modifiers that increase damage such as Damage Plus will deal damage rather than healing - as the the spell deals healing damage and not projectile damage normally.
  • Concentrated Spells perk: it adds projectile damage damage to each cast including healing bolt.
  • Boomerang Spells perk: it adds projectile damage damage and will actually deal damage to you.
  • Projectile Repulsion Field perk:it pushes projectiles away and harder to hit yourself.

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A player using a boomerang effect to heal themselves