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Healing is a key part of Noita's roguelike experience. Although healing comes more commonly in the form of Health Pickups in the Holy Mountain, there exist other sources of healing, some based on magic and some not.

Health Pickups[]

Full Health Restore.png

Every Holy Mountain will have a Full Heath Regeneration, which adds 10 to the player's max HP and regenerates all their health. These pickups can also be found very rarely in Treasure Chests around the world or in the Dark Cave.

Spell-Based Healing[]

In the game, there are two ways to heal yourself using spells: Healing Bolt and Circle of Vigour:

Spell heal bullet.png
  • Healing Bolt has 20 charges, each healing 5 HP, but since it's a spell, it can be modified to increase its efficiency.
Spell regeneration field.png
  • Circe of Vigour has 2 charges, but a scaling effect. Therefore, a single circle can heal from 30% to 50% of a player's health.

Hiisi Healers[]

Monster Scavenger heal.png
  • Found most commonly in the Hiisi Base, the Hiisi Healers are passive enemies that don't have a means of directly attacking the player, serving mostly as backup for other Hiisi. However, the same way a Healing Bolt fired by the player can heal enemies, the bolt fired by the healers can heal the player.
  • The most common method is to line two healers and stand in the middle. If at least one of them has less than their full HP, the other will shoot, indirectly healing the player. Kicking is the best way to keep them active because spells can sometimes deal too much damage to their small HP.
  • You can douse the Hiisi Healers in Pheromones which will trigger them to attack Mina, healing them in the process.

Repair Drones[]

Monster Healerdrone physics.png
  • Similar to Hiisi Healers, the Repair Drones are healing robots that spawn rarely in The Vault. They also fire Healing Bolts, but at a much faster rate, making them better healers under the right conditions.
  • They are very mobile, but since they count as physical objects, the Telekinetic Kick Perk can be used to grab and position them to heal you instead of the enemies.


Perk vampirism.png
  • The Vampirism Perk is a reliable but weak source of healing, because most enemies bleed blood but a full flask of it can only heal 40HP. Under the perfect conditions (a huge pool of blood and a flask to drink from), this perk can heal 8HP per second.
  • It synergizes very well with the More Blood Perk or the Materalize Blood spell, because these give you more access to blood. It could also work well with Glass Cannon because a single flask of blood could heal 80% of a player's health.

Healing Materials[]

From left to right: Healthium, Lively Concoction Hearty Porridge and a Refreshing Gourd.

Healthium, Lively Concoction and Hearty Porridge are all Magical Liquids capable of healing you:

  • Healthium is an incredibly rare liquid found in flasks around the world. Can be spilled on the ground to be absorbed at the rate 1HP per 1 pixel or drank to give 7.5 seconds of regeneration, effectively healing 75% of a player's health.
  • Lively Concoction is an alchemical product unique to each seed. Being stained by it gives the Rapid Healing effect, being a very efficient albeit difficult source of healing. The necessary materials can be found by extreme experimentation or using this calculator.
  • The Hearty Porridge is a liquid that inflicts 15 seconds of the Regeneration buff for a whole bottle, being capable of healing around 150% of the player's health. Currently, the only way to obtain it is to take the Eat Your Vegetables perk.

Refreshing Gourd[]

Item gourd.png

Refreshing Gourd is an item found in the West Cloudscape that releases a small field similar to the Circle of Vigour. It is one of the few sources of healing with a consistent, albeit dangerous, spawn location.


Item safe haven.png

The Kammi is an item found in chests around the world that, when thrown, summons a wooden cot filled with healing bolts whose number scales with the player's health.