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The Acid Slime (in-game name Happonuljaska) is a flying enemy which shoots acid bubbles. It is encountered in various biomes, becoming more common deeper in the mountain.

The Weak Acid Slime (in-game name Heikko happonuljaska) is a weaker version of the Acid Slime that is only found in the Mines with less damage output and health, but otherwise identical in behavior.


The bubble projectiles it shoots will burst on impact, producing some acid when they do so. These projectiles can be shot to burst them before they reach the player, but combined with their rate of fire, this can make it difficult to hit the enemy.

Combat Tips[]

  • Happonuljaska bleeds Acid, making it even more dangerous to remain nearby.
    • The aftermath of an encounter therefore typically results in significant terrain damage.


  • A small army of Happonuljaska may spawn when the player climbs to the lowest branch of the Giant Tree to the west of the spawn point. This makes climbing the Tree quite dangerous to do early on, and serves to add risk to obtaining the valuable worm egg that can be obtained at the start of the game.