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This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

A Halo can be obtained in each run. Obtaining it will grant a piece in the Achievement Pillars.

Collecting a halo will provide 10% fire-resistance.

There are 2 types of halo, light and dark, and only one can be obtained at a time.

They will appear if you collect enough perks of the right types to have a 'score' in that type of (+/-) 3 or more. You start with a halo value of 0, and each +1/-1 perk moves that value. So if you have a +6 halo value and take a -1 perk, you won't lose the Light Halo.

You will lose the halo if the score drops outside of the target score, but if there is no limit to re-obtaining either halo.

Light Halo Player halo light.png
Dark Halo Player halo dark.png


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