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The Master of Wounding (in-game name Haavoittajamestari) is one of the many Master spellcasters. It takes the appearance of a humanoid with a large fleshy head and is dressed in a red robe.


The Master of Wounding casts fast-moving projectiles that inflict the Heartache debuff for 20 seconds. The player's maximum and current HP are halved for the duration of the debuff, meaning any damage taken, healing received or further changes to maximum HP will effectively be doubled. This effect can stack multiplicatively if the player is hit multiple times. When the debuff wears off, the player's health is multiplied back the same amount.

For example, if you have 100 health, a single hit will inflict Heartache, dropping you to 50 (ignoring the actual damage from the Heartache projectile). If you then take 10 damage while under the effects of the debuff, you will be at 40/50 HP. When the effect wears off, your HP is multiplied back up again, giving you 80/100. Note that the 10 damage you took during the effect becomes 20.

Combat Tips[]

  • The damage types of explosion, electricity, and ice, will heal this enemy.
  • As with all Masters, exercise caution and focus on avoiding the projectiles. This is easily done by constantly moving perpendicular to the enemy's aiming trajectory (which usually means levitating up or falling down) and staying at a medium distance.
  • If you have the Glass Cannon perk, picking up a Extra Max Health while having the debuff will reset your HP to 50, effectively setting it to 100 when the debuff ends. Be careful not to pick any health upgrade from that point onward (unless you're affected by Heartache), as it will reset your health to 50.

Heartache trick[]

The heartache or heartbreak trick can be used to gain large amounts of health.

The minimum value your Max HP can be reduced to from the Heartache debuff is 10. It is possible to deliberately reduce your maximum health to this value, by purposefully getting hit multiple times in a row, and then picking up an Extra Max Health to have its Max HP increase (+25hp) amplified multiple times.

It is best to stain yourself with Ambrosia beforehand, to avoid the 7.5 damage from each projectile.

It is possible to use this trick with Glass Cannon, however you must then avoid picking up Extra Max Health upgrades until you get to a Full Heal, otherwise the game will reset you to the HP that you should have been at.

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  • Prior to the Sauna Update, the minimum Max HP value you could reach from the Heartache debuff was 1, allowing players to massively explode their maximum HP by picking up an Extra Max Health at that point.