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The Ghost Crystal (in-game name Haamukivi) is a stationary enemy commonly found in the Snow Chasm. It has an odd stone-like appearance, with a floating eye on top of its stone body.


Ghost Crystals are completely static and unmoving, only their eye floating and sometimes blinking. They themselves are not particularly dangerous, although they are much sturdier than most enemies, taking half damage from ordinary projectiles and explosions. Electricity and fire damage fare the best against them, although it's perfectly possible to wear them down with most normal types of damage after a short while.

Illusory Enemies[]

The real danger from Ghost Crystals comes from the ghostly mirages they summon. There are 10 variants of these ghosts, each mimicking an otherwise normal enemy:

These mirages will appear in a brief shower of ethereal particles, and a dull tssp sound as they materialise. They will often spawn near the player, and are immediately hostile. Their attacks are generally only harmful to the player, they cannot take damage themselves. However, they will attract any Homing projectiles, sometimes making the Ghost Crystal itself difficult to target directly.

The created ethereal beings are not directly tied to the Ghost Crystals themselves, and instead have a fairly short lifespan of a few tens of seconds before disappearing with the same distinct tssp sound. Destroying the Ghost Crystal should be prioritised above all else, as it will stop it spawning additional ghosts, but be mindful that this does not instantly destroy the ghosts it has created.

Ethereal Giant Worms will not destroy the terrain around them as they move, behaving a bit like the Kalmamato.