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Health Pickups: Full Health Restore, as seen in a Holy Mountain (left); Extra Max Health, found in a level (right); an unoccupied Kammi (bottom).

HP (health points or hit points or simply health) is one of the most important elements in Noita. It is presented as a numerical value representing the amount of health the Player has. There are few ways to restore health outside of a Holy Mountain, and as such it must be preserved during a level.

The player begins each game with 100 HP and can gain an increase in maximum health by collecting Extra Max Health, which will typically increase the maximum health a player can have by 25 HP. However, this is only an extra allotment which is usually refilled in a Holy Mountain.

Once a player reaches 0 health, the player will die. This is a permanent death of the character and is only reversible if the player has the Extra Life Perk, which will respawn the character instantly with 100 Health.

Increasing HP[]

Increasing HP is an extremely important component of gameplay. Many enemy attacks in later levels will deal damage far in excess of 100 HP and can kill the player instantly. An increase in HP allows a player to survive such attacks. Extra HP will not affect most damaging stains, since they scale with the player's HP.

Extra Max Health[]

The most common way to increase HP is to collect Extra Max Health, which is a collectable shaped like a heart with a "+" symbol attached to it. This will increase the player's maximum available health by 25 points. However, it does not provide the player with additional health: The new allotment will most typically be filled by collecting the Full Health Restore in a Holy Mountain, or by one of the methods outlined below.

Note that if a player possesses the Stronger Hearts perk, each Extra Max Health will increase the player's HP by 50 available points, but still does not provide any extra health instantly.

Blood Money[]

When blood money is dropped by an enemy, it will heal the player on collection. It will provide 30% of the nugget's value as health, with a max of 300. Some perks provide a player with an increased chance of an enemy dropping blood money.


Several perks have an effect on a player's HP:

  • Extra Health: This perk instantly increases a player's current HP by 50% on collection.
  • Extra Life: When a player's health reaches 0, the player is instantly respawned with 100 health.
  • No Wand Tinkering: This perk increases the chance that an enemy will drop blood money upon death. Collecting blood money will increase a player's HP instantly.
  • Stronger Hearts: This perk increases an Extra Max Health collectable from 25 HP to 50 HP, but does not provide health on collection of the perk or on collection of the Extra Max Health.
  • Trick Blood Money: This perk causes enemies to drop blood money when their death is an accident. Collecting blood money will increase a player's HP instantly.
  • Vampirism: This perk instantly decreases the player's health by 25%, but allows a player to regain HP during a level by consuming blood.
  • Wand Experimenter: This perk causes the firing of newly found, but unmodified, wands to heal the player approximately 23 health per wand over the course of 8 casts with each cast halving the HP provided per use.

Magical Liquids[]

Extra HP can be obtained by consuming either the Magical Liquids:

If a Hiisi Healer is doused with the magical liquid Pheromone, it will fire Healing Bolts towards the player.


  • Healing Bolt: This spell heals any creature which comes into contact with its projectile, including the player. The player can fire it towards itself depending on the wand setup. Hiisi Healers are equipped with this spell and will fire towards the player (rather than its own teammates) if the Healer is doused with the magical liquid Pheromone.
  • Circle of Vigour : This spell creates a short-lived healing circle, limited to two charges and unaffected by the unlimited spells perk.


  • Kammi: The kammi is an inventory item which can be found during levels. When thrown, it will summon an enclosed hut filled with Healing Bolts which exist within the hut for a limited amount of time. Collecting these will heal the player instantly.

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