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The Spidey (actual name Hämis) is a small, but aggressive three-legged critter that deals a moderate amount of melee damage.


Hämikset are often found in packs, sometimes up to 7-8 at once. Packs also spawn from breakable pots in the Pyramid and Temple of the Art. Their numbers might make them somewhat annoying to deal with, as their corpses and gold nugget drops will block player shots when they are packed tightly together.

Hämikset can sometimes be observed consuming corpses.

It is rumored that they actually have a preferred consumable material, chosen at the start of every run. They will become more aggressive towards creatures stained with their favorite food. If they eat enough of their favorite food, they will multiply and ultimately create a pack. (A proper investigation should be conducted.)

They can also be found spawning from nests, usually located in the Fungal Caverns. Like other enemies spawned from nests, they will drop no gold.

They can also be spawned from broken pots.


  • Since these enemies are often found in packs, using explosive crates/barrels on them can be a good way to get money at the beginning of your run, as "accidental" kills will yield double gold. Due to their low health, fire from dropped lanterns is also effective for this, as they will jump in panic ignoring the player.
  • These enemies appear to be the juvenile form of the Lukki and Hämähäkki found in the Jungle as indicated by their three eyes and spider-like appearance.
  • These enemies make an appearance in the game Environmental Station Alpha, a metroidvania by Arvi Teikari, who is a part of Nolla Games.
  • It should be noted that Hämis can spawn in the Temple of the Art, perhaps alluding to having a role in the creation of Kolmisilmä.