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Gunpowder is a volatile powder that most often appears in large piles in the Coal Pits, but can occasionally spawn in other biomes as well (though this is rare).

There are 2 variants of this material, one that explodes and one that only burns, but they are called the same thing when mouse-overed in the game. Generally speaking, the variant that spawns naturally is always the one that explodes, whereas the non-exploding variant comes from the Gunpowder Trail modifier.

More information[]

  • There are only two spells that produces the exploding variant, being the Gunpowder Arc and Firecrackers modifiers. As the powder from them explode immediately it is not useful for Alchemy.
  • The large explosive crates in the Hiisi Base contain explosive gunpowder.
  • Like most explosives, exploding gunpowder can set creatures on fire.


The exploding variant is sometimes known as Firecrackers, just like the spell.