Greed-Cursed Liquid is a sickly-green liquid material that is encountered if the player has obtained the Curse of Greed. Periodically, liquids and powders in an area around the player will be converted into this toxic liquid.

Greed-cursed liquid is also created by melting toxic ice in a hot biome. Easily done by freezing toxic sludge in the desert and letting it melt.


While it is harmless to most other enemies, if the player touches the cursed liquid, they will be stained with a Poison effect. Unlike Poison itself, Greed-Cursed Liquid does not evaporate, making it much more of an ever-present threat once it is created. The cursed liquid has about half the contact damage that Poison has, although getting a long-lasting stain and a significant amount of damage over time is much easier.

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