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The Glue Ball spell launches a projectile that splits into two balls after a short time. These balls seek out a target to attach to, which can be any creature or terrain within a short distance, as well as other glue balls. Once attached, the balls form a stretchy link between the two surfaces they stuck to, opposing movement that would lengthen this link. The link weakens over time and will eventually break, and can also be severed if it is stretched too far, subjected to too much force, or if it exceeds a certain length. The globs can pull the player, enemies or physics objects through thin sections of terrain provided they are small enough (this effect is inconsistent).

  • Glue Balls are also fired by Liimahiisi.
  • Glue Balls emit a hallucinogenic glue material when damaged.
  • A single pixel of Brass will also be created.