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This spell shoots out a magic lance that pierces through soft materials such as dirt, soil, ice and most powders, and despite the description, will actually very slowly dig through harder materials including steel and brickwork. The projectile arcs through the air with fairly short range and a low and inconsistent velocity, meaning that even with perfect accuracy, multiple shots will not land in the same spot, all else being equal. Deals fairly high knockback.

Unlike most projectiles, it can damage the player despite not having a Piercing Shot effect.


  • This spell is friendly-fire enabled, which means that if used from a trigger spell, it can hit and kill you if you're not careful.
  • The Speed Up modifier is recommended to increase the projectile's range, and the spell will dig through more material the faster it goes. This will also improve accuracy of multiple cast, and the spell will have even more penetration that can hit enemies through tough materials.
  • The spell has a very good mana drain–to-damage ratio, but is hampered by its large cast delay. As usual, using Luminous Drill With Timer (though costly) can bypass this cast delay modifier while minimizing the usual downsides of trigger/timer spells: firing lag (for timer spells) and projectile reflection off walls (for trigger spells).
  • With its -20 spread modifier its one of the most accurate spells in the game tied with Summon Arrow, and can even added to a multicast as a sort of improvised Reduce Spread modifier.
  • Seems to have a tendency to destroy itself when fired nearly straight up.


Attacking with the spell

The spell can deal friendly fire

Piercing into soft material