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Glittering Field is an uncommon spell that causes multiple small, purple explosions to appear around the area in which this spell was cast.

The small explosions can still hurt you and make any dangerous explosive around explode.


  • The Glittering Field is best used when there are a large amount of enemies around.
  • Although not very efficient, the Glittering Field can be used as a form of digging. Especially when there's a thin wall that you don't want to use more powerful digging spells on.
  • Multicasting with other projectiles will reduce the speed multiplier by 2x (to a minimum of 0).[1]


How Glittering Field works

  1. Most spells that affect speed do so in a multiplicative way. For example, Speed Up multiplies the current speed multiplier (which starts at 1x) by 2.5. Since Glittering Field subtracts from the speed multiplier directly, the order in which it is cast relative to other speed modifiers may affect the result. For example, Speed Up -> Glittering Field -> another projectile results in 50% speed (the multiplier goes from 1x to 2.5x to 0.5x), while Glittering Field -> Speed Up -> another projectile results in 0 speed (the multiplier goes from 1x to 0x to 0x).