This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

The Friend Room is a lush area buried under Extremely Dense Rock. Inside you can find multiple Kauhuhirviö (Horror Monsters) and a single Toveri (Friend).

The location of it is semi-randomised, and chosen from 6 possible spots. The one chosen for your seed can be found by taking the Spatial Awareness perk and traveling to the spot marked green.

There’s a drawing in the background resembling the Avarice Diamond as a hint to unlocking the Giga Nuke & Giga Holy Bomb. The glyphs below translate to “FRIENDHSIP” (misspelled).

Several refreshing gourds also spawn on the floor of the cavern, which typically break once a Kauhuhirviö dies and explodes unless the gourds are picked up beforehand.

This room does not spawn in New Game Plus, even though the spot marked green by the Spatial Awareness perk is still shown.

Friend Room.png
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