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This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

The Friend Room is a lush area buried under Extremely Dense Rock. Inside you can find multiple Kauhuhirviö (Horror Monsters) and a single Toveri (Friend).

The location of it is semi-randomised, and chosen from 6 possible spots. The one chosen for your seed can be found by taking the Spatial Awareness perk and traveling to the spot marked green.

There’s a drawing in the background resembling the Avarice Diamond as a hint to unlocking the Giga Nuke & Giga Holy Bomb. The glyphs below translate to “FRIENDHSIP” (misspelled).

Several refreshing gourds also spawn on the floor of the cavern, which typically break once a Kauhuhirviö dies and explodes unless the gourds are picked up beforehand.

Friend Room.png