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A spell that casts 12, quickly vanishing projectiles in a fan formation that freeze any liquids or enemies they hit (enemies will only remain frozen for about 1.5s). These projectiles emit a dim greenish light that can be used to explore dark areas.


  • This spell combines very well with Homing to deal high damage, as each projectile deals 10 damage for a maximum of 120 damage if all hit one target.
  • Damage-adding modifiers like Heavy Shot, Damage Plus, Freeze Charge, or Electric Charge are applied to each individual projectile of the spell, meaning they are 12x more effective than when applied to single-projectile spells. With a single Heavy Shot modifier, if all of the projectiles hit you can deal 648 damage.


Freezing some water and fish

Obliterating Stevari with the Homing and Heavy Shot combo