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The Formation suite of spells are multicast modifiers that cause spells to be fired at specific angles, thus creating a predictable spread effect as opposed to the variable scatter multicasts.

The Formation suite of spells are actually simple multicast with a Formation modifier. Each projectiles in the evaluation will be distributed to its angle. For example, a Pentagon Formation with a Double Spell is equal to a Hexagon Formation.

The Bifurcated formation forces a 45-degree spread. The Trifurcated formation forces a 20-degree spread between each of the 3 casts.


  • Can be used to create patterns maximizing the area of arcing modifiers such as Electric Arc or a splash explosion-like effect when used with a Trigger.
  • The order of the spells in the wand matters, and will be used in a clockwise manner. For example, with the 'Above and Below' variant, the first spell after the modifier fires upwards, then forward, then down (if pointing to the right).
  • Spells that normally fires multiple projectiles, like Triplicate Bolt, can use multiple firing angles at once if an insufficient amount of other projectile spells are included with the multicast.
  • Will apply to Always Cast functions on wands.

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