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Flummoxium is a rainbow liquid that stains a creature touching it with a debuff that reverses movement direction on the horizontal axis. It wears off quickly with movement, but can make enemies get stuck against a wall when affected. It will not affect their projectile attacks, although it does increase the spread of their attacks, reducing their overall accuracy.


Flummoxium can spawn in regular Potions somewhat commonly, and may occasionally be found in the Ancient Laboratory in pools.


Consuming flummoxium from a flask will provide a +10s duration of the effect for every 10% drunk.

Alchemical Reactions[]

Components Result(s)
Worm Blood + Worm Pheromone Flummoxium
Flummoxium + Blood + Oil Unstable Polymorphine
Flummoxium + Berserkium Pheromone
Flummoxium + Metal Dust (e.g., Copper, Silver, Gold) or Diamond Levitatium

Additionally, combining Flummoxium with Unstable Teleportatium produces Guiding Powder, which will constantly burn on contact with air, emitting fireworks that point the way to the nearest Orb of True Knowledge.


  • Flummoxium was added as part of Patch #8 on Dec 19, 2019.