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Projectile Orbit Spells
Fireball Orbit
Plasma Beam Orbit
Nuke Orbit
Sawblade Orbit
Orbit Larpa
Modifiers that add orbiting projectiles to a spell. They cut through both terrain and enemies, and only disappear when its host projectile expires or on direct impact with an enemy.

Fireball Orbit is a spell modifier that adds 4 rotating fireballs to an affected spell projectile. These fireballs will light flammable materials on fire and detonate with explosive force once its host expires.


  • As the fireballs will phase through matter as they fly, they can quickly set large areas aflame.
  • Their detonation will cause damage to both enemies and you, so take care. It affects terrain too, though on a little scale, only on rock or softer materials and with the unreliability of the randomness of the orbit.
  • For being a common modifier this is surprisingly powerful, and when used with a multicast can last you all the way to the bottom of the main path.
  • If multiple Orbits of the same or different types are placed, only the first Orbit of the spell block will work and its effect will be multiplied by the number of Orbits.