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Projectile Orbit Spells
Fireball Orbit
Sawblade Orbit
Nuke Orbit
Plasma Beam Orbit
Orbit Larpa
Modifiers that add orbiting projectiles to a spell. They cut through both terrain and enemies, and only disappear when its host projectile expires or on direct impact with an enemy.

Fireball Orbit is a spell modifier that adds 4 rotating fireballs to an affected spell projectile. These fireballs will light flammable materials on fire and detonate with explosive force once its host expires.


  • As the fireballs will phase through matter as they fly, they can quickly set large areas aflame.
  • Their detonation will cause damage to both enemies and you, so take care.
  • For being a common modifier this is surprisingly powerful, and when used with a multicast can last you all the way to the bottom of the main path.