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The Fireball is a fairly powerful explosive projectile spell with 15 charges, it travels somewhat slowly and is slightly affected by gravity, exploding after a short period of time. It also has a small area of effect that causes flammable materials and gases to spontaneously combust near the projectile. The Fire Mage from the official starting loadout mod uses this spell as its attack.

The Stendari in the Mines use a weaker version of this spell.


  • The limit of 15 uses makes this spell rather unattractive for extended biome runs and the low explosion radius makes it a poor choice for terrain destruction.
  • It is, however, a good fit for shuffle wands with multiple copies of this spell.
  • Because it burns up nearby gases, this spell can be used to clear tight passages from dangerous gases such as Freezing Vapours and Toxic Gas.


Showcasing effects of the spell.

The Fireball causing nearby wood to spontaneously combust.

The Fireball burning up surrounding Steam.