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Fire is a Material in Noita, as well as a whole class of materials. Explosions, spells, and objects such as lanterns and volatile barrels can all produce various forms of fire. Fire comes in three variants, all of which are labelled Fire in-game, and can be yellow-red or bluish in color depending on the variant.

Any creature or flammable object or terrain which touches fire will ignite, suffering 2% of their Max HP as damage per second while ablaze. Water and many other liquids put out fire. Conversely, some liquids make creatures more flammable, such as Oil or Whiskey.


  • Enemies lit on fire stop attacking and move around in panic for the duration.
    • Creatures may be immune to panic, and some are immune to fire itself.
  • Creatures on fire move 25% faster.
  • Being wet with oil increases flammability.
    • Whiskey also increases flammability.
  • Being wet will water decreases flammability, briefly negating it. Exposure to fire quickly dries out wetness. When wetness expires, the creature becomes vulnerable.
    • Many other liquid stains also grant fire resistance in this fashion.
  • The Immunity to Fire perk blocks all damage associated with fire, though the player can still be lit on fire and ignite flammable materials they touch.
    • Immunity to Fire does not block damage caused by explosions.
  • Fire can be captured in a flask if the flask is held over flame particles.
  • Different materials burn at different rates. Whiskey burns almost instantly, as does Flammable Gas. Coal is the slowest burnable substance with Oil somewhere between.
  • Burning produces smoke which cannot be breathed and can suffocate a creature who stays surrounded.
    • Burning water will produce steam, some of which will turn back into water and rain down again.
  • Fire can be frozen with certain spells, producing solid, powdery fire pixels. These may re-light themselves after a while. Frozen fire will not stain the player.




  • Heat + flammable material
    • Lava
    • Many types of explosions
  • Fire spells


For more reactions, see the [fire] and [hot] pages.
Reaction Rate Reagents Products
2 [water] + Liquid Fire Fire + Liquid Fire
100 Brick Wall + Fire Creepy Liquid + Creepy Liquid
20 Burning Powder + Water Burning Powder + Fire
80 Cement + Fire + Cement Concrete + Air
20 Coal + Fire Fire + Air
50 Slime + [magic_faster] Fire (Blue) + Steam
10 Teleportatium + Concentrated Mana Fire + Concentrated Mana
10 Unstable Teleportatium + Concentrated Mana Fire + Concentrated Mana
100 Flummoxium + Unstable Teleportatium Guiding Powder + Fire