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This content includes possible bugs. Tread carefully.

Extra modifiers is a special effect that usually given by perk such as Concentrated Spells. When the wands is evaluating and a projectile-type action is read, all extra modifiers will be inserted into the action query then apply to the cast state. This means that when multi-casting several projectile spell, extra modifiers will apply times equal to the number of spells. If the modifier boosts damage, the total added damage will be multiplied by the number of projectiles!

List of extra modifiers[]

source name effect
critical plus critical_hit_boost critical_chance + 5%
critical_plus_small critical_chance + 40%
powerful_shot damage_explosion_add + 5

damage_projectile_add + 30

speed_multiplier * 2.5

lifetime + 20f

food_clock effect : food_clock
hungry ghost damage_plus_small damage_projectile_add + 15

damage_projectile_add * 1.25

knockback extra_knockback knockback_force + 6
lower spread lower_spread spread_degrees - 25

damage_explosion_add + 10

damage_projectile_add + 30

fire_rate_wait + 2f

recoil_knockback + 10

laser_aim spread_degrees - 20
low_recoil speed_multiplier * 0.8
bounce bounces + 3

lifetime_add + 60f

projectile_homing_shooter effect : projectile_homing_shooter
projectile_homing_shooter_wizard effect : projectile_homing_shooter
projectile_alcohol_trail trail_material + alcohol

trail_material_amount + 5

fizzle effect : fizzle
explosive_projectile explosion_radius + 15.0

damage_explosion_add + 20

damage_projectile_add + 10

fire_rate_wait + 40f

speed_multiplier * 0.75

recoil_knockback + 30

projectile_fire_trail trail_material + fire

trail_material_amount + 5

projectile_acid_trail trail_material + acid

trail_material_amount + 5

projectile_oil_trail trail_material + oil

trail_material_amount + 5

projectile_water_trail trail_material + water

trail_material_amount + 5

projectile_gunpowder_trail trail_material + gunpowder_unstable

trail_material_amount + 5

projectile_poison_trail trail_material + poison

trail_material_amount + 5

projectile_lava_trail trail_material + lava

trail_material_amount + 5

gravity gravity + 600
antigravity gravity - 600
duplicate projectile duplicate_projectile copy your hand
high_spread spread_degrees + 30
extreme_spread spread_degrees + 80
fast_projectiles speed_multiplier * 1.75
slow_firing fire_rate_wait + 5f

current_reload_time + 5f

Guide to infinite damage[]

Hungry ghost has an unique effect that multiplies projectile damage added. With several stacks of the damage buff, the damage grows exponentially. Since it's only *1.25, but with the mechanic of extra modifiers, 25-cast projectile spells and 10 stacks, the exponential damage increase is equal to 1.25^(25*10), that is more than 1*10^24.

There are several ways to trigger it. When combating with Kolmisilmä, its barrage is enough to gain stacks. Secondly, giving enemy a wand works. The most stable method is using Magic Guard and Prickly Spore Pod,Giga Death Cross, Bubbly Bounce, or Larpa Bounce can trigger it as well.

Wand wand good 3.png
Requirement - Projectile Spells
Blood Magic
Gold To Power
Myriad Spell
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt
Requirement - Otherwise
Magic Guard
Requirement - Endpoint
Wand Refresh

A specific wand using this mechanic.

You may obtain more than 5 hungry ghost by entering many holy mountain searching for the perk or using Nullifying Altar, then pick them up.