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Terrain Interaction Spells
Matter Eater
Explosive Projectile
Avoiding Arc
Drilling Shot
Floating Arc
Spell modifiers that change how projectiles interact with solid terrain.

A spell modifier that causes a projectile to explode on contact, destroying terrain quite efficiently and doing a little extra damage to enemies.

Explosions from this modifier won't damage the player when applied to most projectiles, unless those projectiles already have an explosion that can damage the player. Some notable exceptions which will damage the user quite heavily include:

Any of these exceptions will also register as accidental or "trick" kills and will cause enemies killed by them to drop double the gold.

Some spells create material in their radius and Explosive projectile modifier enlarge the radius as well as create more material:


  • Nearby explosions can set the player on fire.
  • Multiple Explosive Projectile modifiers applied to most spell greatly increases damage.
  • Disc projectile and Giga disc projectile are lacking explosion definitions and instead default to unstable parameters.These projectile only need a single Explosive projectile modifier to activate.