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Spell modifiers that change how projectiles interact with solid terrain.

Explosive Projectile (EP) is a spell modifier that causes a projectile to explode on contact, destroying terrain quite efficiently and doing a little extra damage to enemies. Stacking two EPs is recommended with most projectiles.

Multiple modifiers[]

Explosive Projectile adds a relatively small amount of explosive damage, but the increase in explosive radius can be used to boost damage. This is because the game applies a minimum of explosive damage to explosions above certain radii - at least 325 damage for explosions with a radius of 32 pixels or larger, at least 375 damage for explosions 64 pixels or larger, and at least 500 damage for explosions 128 pixels or larger.

Because of this thresholding, spells might require a different number of Explosive Projectile modifiers in order to be most effective. These differences are related to the radius of the explosion, which varies.

  1. Only one Explosive Projectile is needed for Infestation, Disc projectile and Giga disc projectile. (These spells are lacking any default explosion definition and instead default to a radius of 20.)
  2. Two Explosive Projectile modifiers applied to most spells will greatly increase damage (325 explosion damage).
  3. Three Explosive Projectiles are needed for Arrow and Bouncing Burst to get the 325 damage explosion, making them the worst projectiles to use with the modifier. (These spells have a defined non-damaging explosion with radius 1, which means that 2 EPs only gets them to radius 31, which isn't enough.)

Stacking more and more copies of Explosive Projectile will be of limited benefit after 128 explosive radius is reached, as the amount of damage added by Explosive Projectile without the effect from the minimum radius thresholds is fairly small.

Self-harming EP spells[]

Explosions from this modifier won't damage the player when applied to most projectiles, unless those projectiles already have an explosion that can damage the player. Some notable exceptions which will damage the user quite heavily include:

Egg spells and material spells will also register as accidental or "trick" kills and will cause enemies killed by them to drop double the gold.

Increased radius Material spells[]

Some spells that create material gain an enlarged radius as well as create more material:

Killing enemies via this explosion when added to some lightning spells such as Lightning Bolt and Ball Lightning also registers as "trick" kills, although using these combinations without immunity to electricity and explosions is extremely dangerous.


  • Nearby explosions can set the player on fire.