Explosion of Thunder

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Explosion Spells
Explosion of Brimstone
Explosion of Poison
Explosion of Spirits
Explosion of Thunder
Magical Explosion
Static projectile spells that conjure a burst of, usually harmful, magic.

Unless modified to cast at range, these spells will detonate point blank.

This spell creates a powerful explosion of electricity at the point of casting. Will damage & stun any creature not immune to both explosives and electricity on contact, including the player.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • A trigger spell, such as Spark Bolt, is highly recommended in order to cast this effect at range
  • Explosion of Thunder causes heavy damage, and is by far the most dangerous in the Explosion spell series. It is also the most costly to fire at 110 mana, so take great care when you use it.
  • The explosion also Powderizes solid materials, but makes them retain their properties. be careful casting around cursed rock!
    • Powders created with this spell cannot be picked up with a Powder Pouch.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Annihilating an alchemist in a single hit, using a spark bolt trigger