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Explosion Spells
Explosion of Brimstone
Explosion of Poison
Explosion of Spirits
Explosion of Thunder
Magical Explosion
Static projectile spells that conjure a burst of, usually harmful, magic.

Unless modified to cast at range, these spells will detonate point blank.

This spell creates an explosion of Whiskey at the point of casting. Will cause creatures to be hit by it to become Drunk, lowering their accuracy.


  • The explosion creates a sizeable amount of liquid, useful if you have Whiskey as a component for your seeds' unique alchemy recipes.
  • A trigger spell, such as Spark Bolt, is recommended in order to cast this effect at range
  • Explosion of Spirits can synergize well with Explosion On Drunk Enemies, creating untold mayhem if spammed.


Happy Hour for the alchemist, delivered with a Spark Bolt timer