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Material Trigger Spells
Explosion On Drunk Enemies
Giant Explosion On Drunk Enemies
Explosion On Slimy Enemies
Giant Explosion On Slimy Enemies
Charm On Toxic Sludge
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to gain additional effects when striking targets with certain stains.

A spell modifier that causes the projectile to explode when coming into contact with an enemy afflicted with the drunk status after being covered in Whiskey. The Giant version is limited by charges.

The normal version creates a 69 damage explosion of radius 15, while the giant version creates a 125 damage explosion of radius 100.


  • The modifer still costs mana (and expends a charge, if applicable) even if it doesn't explode by striking enemies not covered in alcohol.
  • As Whiskey is a somewhat uncommon liquid, this modifier synergizes well only with Mist of Spirits and Explosion of Spirits to generate it on the spot.
  • Avoid using explosive, electrical or fiery spells in a combo with this since any alcohol will just burn up before inflicting the status.
  • Modifiers that affect explosions, such as Explosive Projectile, also affect the explosions created by this modifier.