Noita Wiki

Extremely slow, and unaffected by gravity.

Deals a minimum of 2.5 damage, and a maximum of 75. Damage modifiers increase the minimum damage, but not the maximum damage.

Near the end of the lifetime of the projectile, it emits a pulse to indicate that it has reached maximum damage. Changing the lifetime of the projectile does not change how long it takes to reach maximum damage.


This spell has a very strong synergy with emitter modifiers, as the long lifetime and slow speed allows it to stay in the air for a long time even without any modifiers, meaning far more projectiles in total will be emitted.

It also couples well with matter eater, as it is slow enough that it will erase terrain before it can collide with it, and in fact can be sped up quite a lot before it can collide with terrain, allowing you to dig long tunnels with single casts thanks to the long lifetime of this spell.