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This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

Essences are special perks that are not in the normal perk rotation, and instead only spawn in specific locations on the map. They are an essential part of the Uusi Aurinko quest.

Unlike other perks, essences can be removed by destroying a small orb (Essence Eater) found either in the Desert or in the Snowy Wasteland. This can be done multiple times per game as the orbs appear in Parallel Worlds and in New Game Plus.

Seeking and handling essences can be quite dangerous, so be well equipped with protective Perks and healing.

Essence of Earth[]

Special Perk essence earth.png
Your being releases damaging light!

The Essence of Earth is found in a ??? room along the map's east wall, inside a grey diamond composed of Brickwork.

When collected, every few seconds 8 explosive Magic Bolt projectiles are fired in an octagonal pattern around the player, destroying terrain and setting off explosives. The small explosions from these projectiles can damage the player unless the player has obtained explosion immunity.

Essence of Air[]

Special Perk essence air.png
Your being controls the air around you!

The Essence of Air is found in ??? room in the center of the Cloudscape, inside a grey brickwork diamond floating amidst the clouds.

When collected, it regularly shoots Burst of Air projectiles in a fairly tight circle around the player (approximately 12 projectiles in a circular pattern), pushing away powders, enemies, and objects.

It is generally a fairly safe Essence, but can easily result in many broken Potions and the occasional explosion from fragile explosive props.

Essence of Fire[]

Special Perk essence fire.png
Your entire being is fluctuating!

The Essence of Fire is found in a small pocket of Water in the center of the island on the Lake, underground near the wooden effigy.

When collected, it periodically emits a large fiery explosion from the player. The explosion isn't directly harmful to the player, but frequently will cause them to catch on fire, as well as being very hazardous around any kind of explosive containers or Materials such as Gunpowder. Its effect will also constantly prevent the Invisibility perk from activating.

Essence of Water[]

Special Perk essence water.png
The earth flows around your being!

The Essence of Water is found in a ??? room in the Westernmost reaches of The Work (Hell), inside a grey Brickwork diamond.

When collected, it periodically shoots a small red projectile from the player in a random direction, which turns a small radius of material around its point of impact into Lava. Unlike the Touch of spells, which have similar effects, it does not transmute you or normal enemies, only the surrounding terrain and any rigid-body props. Explosive props will also detonate, releasing their contents, when afflicted by the transmutation effect from this Essence.

The projectile will home in on nearby enemies, quickly killing rigid-body enemies such as Kirottu kristalli.

The Freeze Field perk makes this Essence significantly safer to the player, although becoming stuck in newly-solidified Rock does tend to become common.

Essence of Spirits[]

Special Perk essence alcohol.png
That was not the best of ideas

The Essence of Spirits is found in a ??? room in the deepest depths of the Lake in a grey Brickwork diamond

When collected, it adds a Whiskey trail to all spells fired from a wand. This often causes significant amounts of Fire as well, as Whiskey vapour is very flammable. Having Fire Immunity or Freeze Field, as well as Breathless, is needed to avoid being harmed by the excessive amounts of the flammable liquid especially for rapid-fire wand builds. The constant Whiskey stain will also increase the spread of all casts, as well, making it significantly more difficult to aim.

It has been known to cause a fair amount of lag when using very rapidly-firing wands due to the sheer amount of excess liquid it can generate, and the large amounts of fire that can result from it being ignited.