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This page or section includes possible gameplay spoilers or secrets. Tread carefully.

Essence Eater.png Essence Eater desert.png
The two essence eaters.

The Essence Eater is an entity of unknown origin found in both the Snowy Wasteland and Desert, each upon a small altar between two stone columns. It resembles a tiny Orb of True Knowledge. When damaged, it will emit small bluish sparks.


The Essence Eaters can be used to convert any carried Essences into their corresponding elemental stone Items. To do so, attack the Essence Eater until it is destroyed. Doing so fully removes the essence perks from the player, effectively "cleansing" them, and displays the message:

The air trembles!You're safe again... for now

Depending on which essences were removed, one or more of the following elemental stones will be awarded. Multiples of the same stone can be received at once if the player has managed to obtain multiple instances of individual essences.

Essence Item
Special Perk essence fire.png Essence of Fire Item brimstone.png Kiuaskivi
Special Perk essence water.png Essence of Water Item waterstone.png Vuoksikivi
Special Perk essence air.png Essence of Air Item thunderstone.png Ukkoskivi
Special Perk essence earth.png Essence of Earth Item stonestone.png Tannerkivi
Special Perk essence alcohol.png Essence of Spirits Item kakke.png Kakkakikkare


Removing the Essence of Earth, Fire and Air (old Essence Eater sprite, functionality is current)