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A Spell often found within the Mines, capable of one-shotting early enemies. Fires blue spheres that travels in an arc and will bounce off walls.

Also comes in the Timer variation.


  • This spell is best in the early game due to its average stats, but isn't bad later if modified with extra damage or other effects.
  • Since this spell does slice damage in addition to projectile damage, it's useful against enemies that have resistance to projectile damage, without the potential for accidental damage to the player that spells like Disc Projectile have.
  • As the spell bounces a little, it can be lobbed around corners.
  • The Timer version with its much higher mana drain is less suited for the early game due to most wands at that stage being unsuitable for combos. If you need a timer then look for Spark Bolts with that suffix. They are very common.


A rapid fire wand containing this spell

Attacking an enemy