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A passive Spell that generates a shield upon being placed in a wand and stay active until taken out or the wand is de-selected.

This spell has several characteristics that are not immediately apparent.

  1. This spell is triggered as if it were any other spell and occupies its space in the wand as if it were a projectile. Thus...
    1. Its mana cost is applied when it is encountered in the wand's spell cycle, not as a subtraction to wand regeneration.
  2. It will count toward a multicast's quota, including a wand's innate multicast quota.
  3. Modifiers will try (and fail) to apply to this spell, potentially blocking those modifiers from affecting actual projectiles.

The shield will deflect all projectiles, taking damage while doing so and can eventually break. When it breaks it will take a few seconds to recharge and then reappear. The shielded area is a bit larger & stronger than the one produced by the Permanent Shield perk.


  • Like all shield effects in the game, this spell is extremely valuable and should always be considered. The 10 mana/s it drains is well worth the extra protection it provides.
  • Keep in mind that it only guards against projectiles; It does nothing against liquids and falling debris. Also, enemies who get inside the shield radius can shoot you normally.
  • Does not guard against Giga Disc or Omega Discs.