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A spell that makes the wand it's inserted into light up with electrical sparks. These sparks may light fires on combustible materials as well as electrify liquids and metals. As a passive spell, it will constantly be active as long as the wand is selected, and does not interact with your other spells or modifiers in the wand in any way.

It is one of only 4 ways to light up the darkness in the Dark Cave, and the Magic Temple to the west of the snow biome.

Like all Passive spells, it will add one extra "draw" to the cast. If they are placed at the end of a wand they can be used for wrapping.


  • Keep in mind that explosive crates are made of wood, thus combustible. Also that barrels and freeze canisters are metal, thus electrifiable.
  • You may want to limit your use of this spell unless you have an immunity to electricty via a perk.

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