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Causes rock and ground around and above the caster to collapse, just like the effect that occurs above the perk altar when you leave a Holy Mountain through the default exit. Very wide range- between 1 and 2 screens. Affects all materials. Can easily crush you or cause you to be become inescapably trapped.

Debris created by this spell is turned into a relatively soft material before falling, regardless of what it was originally (for example, falling Brickwork debris is much easier to dig)

It always generates a large red magic circle before triggering its effect, letting you know when it's being used.


  • If an enemy triggers it (such as from picking up and using a loose wand) you should try to leave the immediate area as fast as you can!
  • If you're trapped in an area with an earthquake you can try to use a wand with digging or explosive spells to destroy the falling debris before it hits you.

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