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Terrain Interaction Spells
Avoiding Arc
Drilling Shot
Explosive Projectile
Floating Arc
Matter Eater
Spell modifiers that change how projectiles interact with solid terrain.

A spell modifier that causes a projectile to not be stopped by terrain, instead slowly drilling through it.


  • This is extremely costly to use, with both high mana drain, cast delay and recharge time penalties which means that no matter where you put it in the spell order it will always slow down the wand.
  • Synergizes well with Homing, making projectiles chase enemies no matter where they are.
  • Speed Up or Accelerating Shot will mitigate the slow digging speed.
  • Couple with Piercing Shot to get a projectile that doesn't ever stop until it times out.
  • You may have to include an Increase Duration modifier to make sure certain shorter-lived spells actually reach their target.