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A Spell that conjures a solid crystal, falling on the ground and having no effect until triggered either by Explosive Detonator or damage from another spell, upon which it will explode for heavy damage.

It comes in normal and trigger variants, the latter activating the trigger when the crystal explodes.

Both variants have 20 charges.


  • The extra action needed to make full use of this spell means that you will have to more or less dedicate 2 wands just for this effect alone. This is unless you set both in sequence with the crystal before the detonation spell on a non-shuffle wand. Bear in mind that wands reset when deselected and will start from the first spell in the chain again.
  • You can, however, combine Unstable Crystals with it in a multicast for more destructive power in a single proximity-triggered attack.
  • Kills caused by the explosion count as Trick Kills.
  • Combining Chaotic Transmutation with a dormant crystal, can create a useful tool for transforming materials. Each cast will create a crystal with a different effect. This crystal can be moved around the world with a kuu.
  • Casting many Crystals can be used as a setup step for a Spells To Power wand build.

See Also[]


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