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Disc Spells
Disc Projectile
Giga Disc Projectile
Summon Omega Sawblade
Projectile spells that summon deadly sawblades.

A Spell that summons a physical spinning sawblade-like projectile, bouncing when hitting solid materials until its energy is spent and it falls to the ground harmless. Just like the Chainsaw, it will generate a lot of blood when damaging creatures.

This spell can cause large amounts of damage to both enemies and you.


  • The Disc Projectile is a very effective, but dangerous, spell to use. It has great mana efficiency compared to many other spells, which makes it a good choice if you can compensate for the danger using it involves.
  • The Homing modifier or Perk is very useful for making sure the discs go where you want them to. The Repulsion Field perk makes it almost completely safe. Almost.
  • When combined with Remove Bounce modifier,this spell become relatively safer to cast.


Making micemeat of an alchemist

Taking friendly fire while having the Slime Blood perk